Private Pirate Server
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Server is already running:
10 month and 16 days
Characters: N\A
Guilds: N\A
Solo up to 40 LvL: N\A
After up to LvL: N\A
Game name: Tales of Pirates; Pirate King Online; King of Pirates; Piratia.
Server name: H-club (former GOPK)
Game genre: MMORPG 3d (pseudo 2.5d)
Size: ~675MB (rar archive)
Client version: v1.39.1
Notes: * for correct work of the client, we recommend to update directx.
* By downloading our game client you agree with the user's rules.
* On devices running windows 10, the game client may not start from the first start, open it several times.
Select the download method How to start playing

Download: download and install the client;

Step 1: register on the site and confirm the registration (you will be sent an email to the specified mail).

Step 2: log in on the site (the form of input at the top of the site).

Step 3: create a game account (the password will be sent to your email).

Step 4: download and install client games.

Step 5: run the client and log in to the game.

Step 6: enter a secret password (be sure to remember it, it will be required to remove a person, lock the inventory, access to the online store).

Step 7: create a character and start playing.

Minimum system requirements: Recommended System Requirements:
ОС: WIN 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista ОС: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7
CPU: P3-800 MHz CPU: P4-2.4 GHz or more
RAM: 256MB RAM: 512MB or more
Hard Drive: 1.5 GB Hard Drive: 2.5 GB or more
Video card: 64 MB 3D AGC Video card: ATI 9200/Nvidia FX5200 or better

If you have any problems, please write to us in the Discord.