Desert maze (DM)
Desert maze (DM)
1. This place is inherently not a dungeon (in the usual sense), since it is open all the time.
2. To get to this place, you must first get 4 items:
The Pharaoh's Core - 1%
The core of the corpse - 1%
The core of the mummy - 1%
The core of the skeleton - 1%
These items can be obtained by killing monsters abadone 1-4.
Each item can be knocked out only on its level (a ticket is sold at the grocer in the city).
When you get all 4 items, you can exchange it for The core of the desert at the portal in Abadon-4
After that, we go to the crystal city at coordinates 261, 54 at the NPС, we give the core for the opportunity to go into the maze.
3. There are very strong monsters in this place, be careful. They are needed to level your character above level 87. With a monster who are not in the center of the location you can get:
- Cooking Drawing 5 lvl - 2,00%
- Desert number (1,2,3,4,5,6) - 0,62%
If you collect all 6 Desert numbers, then Mine Manager - Tin (261, 54) NPC can exchange them for weapon models.

4. To get to the center you will need to get The Magic Spine. This item can be obtained by killing Punitive Ent (it is located near the entrance to the central zone of the maze.

5. To summon the boss in the center of the maze, you will need a special item: Call of the Guardian - Scarlet.
This item can be exchanged from NPC Administrator AF (146, 122) in the Crystal City. To exchange for 1 Summon Scroll, you will need to give 5 King of the Ring Emblem and 5 Scarlet Soul Particle (gets in the Abode Fallen).

Boss: Guardian - Scarlet
After you called the boss, he will live 1 hour, you need to have time to kill him. Try to prepare well for this boss, he is strong enough.
Drop list:
Blood Scarlet - 5%
Eye of Black Dragon - 100%
Heart of Black Dragon - 100%
Mind of Black Dragon - 100%
Soul of Black Dragon - 100%
Blood Scarlet - 100%

Blood Scarlet is needed to improve the BS of level 70 rings and level 80 rings (which give a special aura with a set of death).
Improvement can be made at the Mine worker NPC at the very beginning of Desert Maze. To upgrade, you will need 2 Blood Scarlet and one bs level 70 ring that you want to improve.

ATTENTION: before exchange, do not forget to remove the gems from the ring.
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