[Equipment] Cloak
[Equipment] Cloak

Added item of equipment - Cloak! To see its effect in action, the cloak must be placed in the 5th slot of the inventory. In addition to the beautiful texture, the cloak itself gives a bonus to the characteristics and has several levels of improvements.

Getting a cloak:
We leave for the Naval Base (A ticket can be bought from a grocer in the city) and farm the mob: Deathsoul Soldier and Deathsoul Officer. We knock out the item from them (Drop chance without amplifiers - 0.42%): A dirty Cloak . We clear the cloak (double-click on the item) and get the possible things: If you are lucky, we get the Crimson Cloak 0 lvl. , if no luck, then we get the Old torn Cloak.

Cloak Upgrade:
After you receive the Crimson Cloak 0 lvl, you need to get another same cloak to combine them and get the Crimson Cloak 1 lvl, which will already give us a bonus to the characteristics!
Improvement of the cloak occurs in the same place at the Naval Base at the NPC Port Commander

There is a chance of failure when improving the cloak! In this case, both cloaks burn and we get the Curse of the goddess Kara

At the NPC, the Port Commander is changing 5 pcs. Curse of the goddess Kara on one Crimson Cloak 0 lvl.

An example of a cloak improvement:
There are 5 improvements in total!

+ = Bonus: +1 to main attributes (STR, AGI, CON, SPR, ACC)

+ = Bonus: +2 to main attributes (STR, AGI, CON, SPR, ACC)

+ = Bonus: +3 to main attributes (STR, AGI, CON, SPR, ACC)

+ = Bonus: +4 to main attributes (STR, AGI, CON, SPR, ACC)

+ =  Bonus: +5 to main attributes (STR, AGI, CON, SPR, ACC)

Attention: keep in mind that upon unsuccessful improvement, the cloak will disappear! Up to 5 and 4 levels of improvement, it will take a lot of attempts!
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