[Quest] Obtaining Life Skill Points
[Quest] Obtaining Life Skill Points

1) After reaching level 10, a quest will be available for you from the assistant mentor (near the fountain in the Crystal City).

2) The assistant will ask for a letter to the head of the city at coordinates 147, 75.

3) Let will issue a task to kill the Little Squidy Captain (119, 31).
After you kill him, return to let, he will accept the task and tell you to turn to his assistant (standing next to him).

4) She will give you the task of killing a Vampiric Elk (245, 202).

5) Once again, she will ask to kill the Leader of bandits (113,155).
On this line of quests will end and you should have 7 points of life skills.

After completing the last task, the assistant will have access to a dialogue where she will exchange statues from mini bosses for skill points. Chance of statues drop is low.

Attention: maximum number of life skills points 50!
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