[Fast start] Equipment for beginner
Equipment for beginner

As you upgrade, you will need new equipment. Ordinary items can be purchased from NPCs who are your mentors.

35 unseal, 30 rings, 30 chest:
All this can be obtained on the Caribbean island, in order to get there you need to go to the NPC Grocer - Plin in the Crystal City at coordinates (229, 78) and buy a ticket. Before you go to the island, buy an axe and make sure that you have the skill \ "Woodcutting \". To learn you will need life skills points, how to get them you can learn from this guide (click on the text).

On the island you should look for the NPC \"Processor - Narcis\" and \"Buyer - Crystal\".

\"Processor - Narcis\" at coordinates (611, 947) - will exchange the logs of local trees (10: 1) for green coins.

\"Buyer - Crystal\" at coordinates (620, 961) - in turn, will exchange coins for the equipment you need:
1. 35 unseal at 6 green coins;
2. 30 ring at 5 green coins;
3. 30 chest at 2 green coins;
In the Crystal City, at the coordinates (225, 121), the NPS \ "Alcoholic - Kurt \" sells caps (+5 defense) for 5 canned goods. We knock out canned food from mini bosses (Little Squidy Captain, Vampiric Elk, Leader of bandits), living near the city.

45 unseal:
35 unseal can almost immediately be converted to 45 useal. To do this, get 30 Fairy Coin and 1 canned and run to the NPC \"Unseal Jess\" in the Crystal at coordinates (250, 126).
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