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Server is already running:
10 month and 16 days
Characters: N\A
Guilds: N\A
Solo up to 40 LvL: N\A
After up to LvL: N\A
The list of changes made on the server:
1. Near the city, 4 points of the appearance of sashimi were added.
2. To the assistant of the blacksmith added tongs with which you can break small gems.
3. Increased the selling price of small gems.
4. Changed the price of exchanging equipment from the dark swamp. It was 10 and 5, it became 6 and 3.
5. The logic of the work of the draft effects has been changed (technical change, request for the strange work of things to report to discord).
6. A new dialogue has been added to the assistant mentor, now you can take tasks to kill monsters. Read more at NPCs 157.166 Tommy.
7. Added fairies 0 lvl and their skills to the game store
Published: PirateDate: 1-04-2020, 03:59

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