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After up to LvL: N\A
Update! Activated AF
1. Strengthened equipment of chaos. Now when you open the chest of chaos, you can get equipment of different quality.
2. Strengthened mist armor. (Lvl 50)
3. Changed the name fishing, now you can fish for 1 place for a long time (buy a fishing rod from the grocer).
4. Added warrants for hunting monsters near the city and on the island of zeph.
5. Removed banknotes from the monsters of the island of zeph.
6. Added 2 sets of armor for beginners. (not transferable).
7. Added icons for effects.
8. Several critical changes, partially updated database on the site.
9. Activated Abode Fallen
Published: PirateDate: 9-04-2020, 18:19

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